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15 mL Essential Oil Blend

15 mL Essential Oil Blend


The 100% pure essential oil aromas are made from steam-distilled or cold-pressed essential oils that are lot-tested and certified for purity. Formulated to match the signature aromas of our essential oil reed diffusers and candles, these blends are fully-concentrated and ready for use in an ultrasonic diffuser or to make your own DIY recipes.


These bottles contain a blend of therapeutic botanicals. We have a variety of combinations available!

  • Amyris bergamot
  • Cardamom copaiba
  • Cedar mint
  • Cinnamon cypress
  • Clarysage lavender
  • Lemon vetiver
  • Olibanum spruce
  • Orange ginger 
  • Patchouli lime
  • Rosy geranium


If you are interested in smelling these blends before purchasing, we have some testers available in office. 


Note: This price per each 15mL bottle. 


Happily made in Minnesota!

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