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Heather P.

"Thank you Dr. Shaw for helping me navigate the new territory of perimenopause! After only a few weeks of supplements, I am sleeping again, the hot flashes have subsided and my energy levels have increased. Thank you!"

Kelly R.

“Dr. Shaw helped me reduce cysts and eliminate my hot flashes and night sweats!!! I'm so happy!”

Gary R.

"Dr. Jensen and his staff are great. Easy to get an appointment. He takes time with me and explains things and answers questions. Treats me like a person, not a number, and I don't feel rushed. I would highly recommend Dr. Jensen!"

“How often can you say that you loved your last appointment with your doctor?!?! I followed Dr. Jensen to Cascade from his previous practice and was not disappointed! The atmosphere was more like a day spa and the ladies working the front office were very accommodating. Dr. Jensen remembered my history, had my bloodwork, and was prepared with a plan for improving my specific issues. He was reassuring when I voiced my concerns about family history and explained in layman's terms (and used illustrations) how my body was functioning. I drove almost an hour to Cascade and it was definitely worth the drive!"

Tamara T.

“We highly recommend Dr. Shaw and her team at Cascade Natural Medicine. She has a beautiful approach that incorporates other doctors and specialists if/when required. She's very thorough, knowledgeable, and kind. She is truly a healer, not "just" a doctor. She has transformed the health and well-being of my family in less than a year. I have never learned so much about how I work as a human. I am forever grateful and indebted to Dr. Shaw & Team.”

Chelsea O.

“Being new to Dr. Shaw’s practice, I have only praises for her, the staff, and the treatment. Being a retired nurse - recently after 45 years of practice, I can say this is the reason I went into nursing…it reminds me of medicine - how it used to be. The physician actually took the time to listen and come up with a plan and share that with the patient. This is the first time I have felt listened to and treated properly in many years!

Sally S. 

“I came to see Dr. Shaw for headaches, low energy, and brain fog. She helped correct my body chemistry and improve the way my hormones were working. I am feeling alive, energetic, and clear-headed in ways I haven’t felt before! Thank you so much for the life-changing treatment.”

Alisa S. 


“Dr. Shaw is amazing! If you are looking for a doctor who LISTENS and cares for her patients as she does herself - Dr. Shaw is your doctor! My first visit was 3 weeks ago and I feel like a totally different woman. I’ve been suffering from body pain, thyroid issues, hair loss, and I no longer have pain, have more energy, and can’t wait to see the continued improvement in my health. I’m so thankful to Dr. Shaw for her expertise and compassion!”

Cara C.

"My husband and I have been patients at Cascade Natural Medicine for well over a year and couldn’t be happier. Dr. Shaw takes the time to listen to our concerns and doesn’t rush us out the door. I am type II diabetic and my husband is borderline with high BP and we are both feeling better than we’ve felt in a long time. We both highly recommend Dr. Shaw & Cascade Natural Medicine."

Jo G.

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