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Welcome to 
Cascade Natural 


I am glad you're here.

My journey to naturopathic medicine is a personal one, and likely the same is true for you.  This approach to medicine is gentle and amazing and broad and has made such a difference in my family’s life.

When one of my daughters was a baby, she started having tummy issues.  After visiting 5 different pediatricians, I was at my wit’s end.  Some of the doctors were concerned, some were dismissive.  One recommended a prescription-strength laxative – for my 12 month old.  None were trained to help me find the cause of the issue and help fix it.  I went into my “Mama Bear” response, where I ferociously advocate for my kids, I kept asking and fighting for answers.  And then, I found naturopathic medicine.  What a game changer!

After I attended medical school, I established this naturopathic medicine office in Surprise – in my own community – with the hope that it will be easier for you to find this medicine than it was for me nearly 18 years ago.  If this search for a different, more healing approach to medicine has been frustrating for you, we understand.  Every member of our team here understands!

I am a mom of 4, former high school teacher, hopeful amateur gardener, and avid book reader.  And, of course, a passionate naturopathic doctor and cheerleader for our team here at Cascade Natural Medicine.    

I am so glad you are here. 

Dr. Anne Shaw, NMD

Medical Director, Cascade Natural Medicine

Medical Director
Practice Owner of
Cascade Natural Medicine

Dr. Anne Shaw, NMD


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